York House and Fresh From Cornwall – It’s all About the Smoke

At York House we have always produced a range of top quality traditionally smoked items from the site in Potton but in the last few years since we acquired Fresh From Cornwall, the range of smoked lines has increased in line with the popularity of smoke pit products and the natural way of imparting flavour.

So we suggest you head down to the west country and then in deepest Cornwall to the Truro waterfront where you come across the smokehouse facility of Fresh From Cornwall, which as the name suggests, conjures up thoughts of fish being caught  from the sea. Indeed, the premises have been hot and cold smoking products for over thirty years and were originally known for smoking salmon and trout therefore a wealth of understanding and knowledge on this process.

The “Twenty Stone” kiln enables us to infuse the natural smoke flavour deep within the meat prior to cooking so the lovely deep flavour becomes part of the meat itself, in the most natural way.  This is achieved by using a variety of wood chips including Beechwood, Applewood, Cherrywood and Oak, to suit individual customer tastes.

The smoking process is carefully watched until the meat is sufficiently smoked, this gives time for the meat to be fully absorbed with the smoke; the strength of the smoke would have already been calculated with the amount of wood chips being loaded into the kiln.

As Fresh From Cornwall is sited in Cornwall we have used the location adds to the food story for menu copy and we currently have one client that is exclusively able to use on their menu

Cornish Kiln Smoked rib: http://www.harvester.co.uk/offers/cornishribs


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