Need to fill a gap in your menu? Can’t find the right solution to your product needs? WCB are experts in food development and can work with you to identify and understand your particular needs, and then develop a product that meets your exact requirements.[/dropcap]

After an initial discussion, we’ll provide a range of samples which have been specially developed with your customer, price point & kitchen capabilities in mind. With your feedback, these products can then be fine-tuned before they are added to your menus.

Our manufacturers’ professional chef-led product development service makes finding the right solution quick, easy and cost effective. There is no fee for having products developed for your use, just the cost of buying the product.

Stages of product development

  1. Product/s required identified
  2. Initial samples developed and prepared to brief by our manufacturers’ chefs
  3. Samples tasted by client at a time and place of their choice
  4. Samples fine-tuned according to client request, if necessary
  5. Developed product/s put into production and available for customer trials or to be put onto the menu