Lincolnshire & Hampshire outdoor bred pork with cracked black pepper sausages

With a huge library of recipes on offer, we are second to none for your sausage requirements, from 7g mini sausages to Cumberland rings to Bratwurst. We can supply produc raw or cooked, IQF or chilled, as hogskins or collagen, and even as coins or planks. We developed the sausage plank format in response to demand from a customer who wanted to increase the slicing yield from whole sausages. The plank gave them a yield increase of 30%.

All products can be designed to meet your particular needs for flavour, meat content, texture, ingredients and size. Keep an eye on our News section for the latest seasonal recipe ideas, and take a look at our Awards page for details of our award-winning sausages. If it’s a sausage you need, then just ask York House.